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Abortion and PTSD
Abortion and trauma of fragmentation
Abortion, trauma support
Abuse, child: see Child abuse
Abuse, childhood, support groups for survivors
Abuse, distinguished from punishment, in families
Abuse, substance-related
Abusive lovers
Accident trauma
ACOA issues, and treatment for depression
“Acting out”, adolescent
Acting Out (defense mechanism)
Activism, social
Acute Stress Disorder
Addiction, sexual
Address, Dr. Richmond
Adjustment Disorder
Adolescent identity
Adolescent loneliness
Adolescent risk taking
Adolescent Violence
Affection, physical, in families
Affiliations, Dr. Richmond
Agency needs take precedence over client needs
Aggression, psychological cause of
Aircraft flight facts
Alcohol abuse, psychotherapy for, following initial treatment
Alliance, therapeutic
Altitude sickness
Amnesia, dissociative
Amputation, and anxiety
Anal personality
Analytical psychology of Carl Jung
Anger, as cause of illness
Anger at a therapist
Anger at God
Anger at parents
Anger, in families
Anger, managing
Anger, repressed, and depression
Anima / animus
Anorexia Nervosa
Anyway, attributed to Mother Teresa
Anxiety, possible medical causes
Anxiety, types and symptoms
Assessment, psychological
Attachment (Reactive Attachment Disorder)
Attraction (romantic/sexual) between therapist and client
Autogenics training
Aviation disasters, support
Aviation links
Aviation Medicine
Aviation Psychology
Aviation, and stress

Battered Women’s Syndrome
Beck, Aaron
Behavior, techniques to increase or decrease
Behavioral Therapy
Biofeedback, explained
Biological Psychology
Bioterrorism, and mental trauma
Bipolar Disorder
“Black sheep” of a family
Blame, as a negative thought process
Blame, as a part of victim anger
Blame, compared to sorrow
Blaming parents is not a part of psychotherapy
Boards of Psychology in US and Canada, contacting
Bodily fragmentation
Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator
Borderline Personality Disorder distinguished from DID
Borderline Personality Disorder, treatment of
Boundaries, psychological
Bribery, often substituted for real love
Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Buddhism, Zen, and meditation
Bulimia Nervosa

Castration anxiety
Catharsis, and anger
Cause, types of, in psychology
CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)
“Centering Prayer”
Change, psychological, the basis for
Changing negative thinking
Changing unwanted behavior with autogenics
Child abuse: definition and indicators
Child abuse and “Identification with the aggressor”
Child abuse: mandated reporting law in CA
Child abuse and multiple personalities
Child abuse, repressed memories of
Child abuse and revictimization in adulthood
Child abuse and suicide
Child abuse survivors, support
Child abuse and trauma
Child abuse, distinguished from punishment
Child Psychology
Choosing a psychologist
Chronic Fatigue
Citing pages from this website in a research paper
Classical Conditioning
Clergy, and sexual scandal
Clinical Psychology, definition and short history
Clinical records
Coaching, defined
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Psychology and changing negative thoughts
Cognitive and Experimental Psychology
Communication, family
Compulsions, defined
Complaints about a psychologist
Conduct Disorder
Confidentiality, in treatment
Confidentiality, loss of, in Managed Care
Conflicts, unconscious
Conspiracy theories
Consumer Rights
Contact me
Control-Mastery Therapy
Control, and stress
Convenience, the illusion of
Conversion Disorder
Corona virus
Counseling Psychology
Counseling compared to Psychotherapy: Ethics
Counselor/Counseling, defined
Courtly Love
Credentials, Dr. Richmond’s
Criminal activity, and therapeutic confidentiality
Criminal Psychology
Cutting and self-mutilation
Cutting and self-mutilation in Borderline Personality Disorder
Cyclothymic Disorder

Dark Night of the Soul
Death, and despair
Death and dying, stages
Death, in families
Death wish
Debriefing, trauma (CISD)
Deception, desire, and love
Deception and lying by professionals
Decompression Sickness, and flying
Deep Muscle Relaxation
Defense Mechanisms, psychological
Degrees: PhD, PsyD, MD, etc.
Dehydration and fatigue
Denial of dysfunction in families
Denial (defense mechanism)
Dentistry, psychological applications
Dependence, substance-related
Depersonalization Disorder
Depression, possible medical causes
Depression, signs and symptoms
Depression, psychological origins
Depression, distinguished from spiritual purgation
Desire, and identity
Desire, and love
Desire, distinguished from want
Desire of the Other
Desire of the psychotherapist
Desire, psychological
Despair, and death
Developmental Psychology
Diagnosis, clinical
Disasters and mental health
Discipline, parental
Displacement (defense mechanism)
Dissociation, nonpathological
Dissociation, support groups
Dissociative Disorders
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), aka MPD
Domestic Violence
Draw-A-Person test
Dream Interpretation
Dreams, traumatic
Drug (medication) information
Dysthymic Disorder

Ear pain while flying
Eating Disorders
Education, Dr. Richmond
“Ego States”
Elder abuse / Dependent adult abuse: mandated reporting law in CA
Ellis, Albert
E-mail, to Dr. Richmond
EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Emotions, as the basis for therapeutic work
Emotions, a helpful list of
Empathy, defined
Entertainment, violent
Erickson, Milton
Erickson, Milton, and hypnotic technique of “confusion”
Erikson, Erik
Erotic feelings (transference) for a therapist
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Evil, talking to children about
Exceptions to confidentiality
Existential psychotherapy
Expectancy, in hypnosis

Family communication
Family “scapegoat”
Family Therapy
Family violence
Fantasies, sexual
Father, the role of a
Fatigue, chronic
Fear of Flying, general information
Fear of Flying, and Systematic Desensitization
Fear of Flying, treatment options
Fear of love
Fear of psychotherapy
Feedback Form
Fees, Dr. Richmond’s
Flight training, and fear of flying
Forensic Psychology
Forgiveness, and anger
Fraud and deception of the social world
Free association
Freud: the Death Instinct
Freud: dream interpretation
Freud: the unconscious
Friendship, with a psychotherapist, desire for
Fugue, dissociative

Gambling, Pathological
Games, in psychotherapy
Gender-based communication bias
Gender Identity Disorder
Gestalt psychotherapy
Gifts, as bribery to feel loved and accepted
Gifts, given to a psychotherapist
Grief (bereavement)
Group psychotherapy
Guns and violence

Hair, pulling out (trichotillomania)
Happiness, desire for
Hate, as “flip side” of love
Hate, defined
Health effects of chronic stress
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Health Issues and psychological treatment
Health problems and unconscious psychological causality
Health Psychology
Hell, Dante’s journey to
Hell, living
Hell, psychological
Hell, the slippery slope to
Hell, St. Teresa of Avila’s vision
Herbal remedies: Interactions with psychiatric medications
Hero’s journey, the
High Blood Pressure, non-medical treatment
Highly sensitive persons
History of Clinical Psychology
HIPAA (often misnamed HIPPA)
HMO Consumer Complaints Hotline
Honesty in psychotherapy
House-Tree-Person test
Hugs and physical contact in psychotherapy
Humility, defined
Hypnosis, can invalidate legal testimony
Hypnosis, defined
Hypnosis and Cognitive Psychology
Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and fatigue
Hypoxia, and fear of flying

Impulse Control Disorders
Impulse Control Disorders, possible medical causes
Identification with the aggressor
“Identified Patient” in family systems
Identity and Loneliness
Illness, caused by anger and hostility
Illusions, of personal identity
Illusions, psychiatric, definition of
Impossible, the, Lacan’s teaching about
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Infancy, and bodily fragmentation
Ink blot test (Rorschach)
Insanity, defined
Insurance, for treatment
Insurance and Managed Care
Interactions: psychiatric meds and herbal remedies
Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Introduction to this website
IQ, defined

Jung: anima / animus
Jung: children, and parents’ conflicts
Jung: rebirth
Jung: the unconscious
Jungian psychotherapy

Klein, Melanie
Kubler-Ross, stages of death and dying

Lacan: aggression
Lacan: fraud and deception
Lacan: love and sex
Lacan: the illusion of personality
Lacan, Jacques: psychoanalysis
Lacan: repetition
Lacan: resistance
Lacan: silence in the treatment
Lacan: the soul
Lacan: termination of psychotherapy
Lacan: transference and love
Lacan: the unconscious and language
Lacan: who can be treated with psychoanalysis
Language and psychology: see Lacan
Language, issues in psychological testing
Late for appointments, always being
Laws regarding confidentiality, in CA
LCSW license
Legal issues of psychology
Licenses for practicing psychotherapy
Licensure for a psychologist
Lie detection
Lies and hypocrisy
Limits of psychology
Locus of Control
Loss of Soul
Love, courtly
Love, true
Love and sexuality
Lucid dreaming
Lust as an expression of anger at the father
Lust compared to love
Lust in psychotherapy
Lying by professionals
Lying: deception and love
Lyme disease

Malingering, defined
Managed Care issues
Mania / Manic Episode
Mania, treatment
Manipulation, in Borderline Personality Disorder
Manipulation, in “common” love
Manipulation, in families, as a factor in the erotic transference in psychotherapy
Manipulation, feeling of, in dreams
Manipulation, in a Passive-Aggressive personality
Manipulation, as violence in families
Marriage and Family Therapy
Medical Factors Affecting Psychology
Medication issues in psychology
Melodrama in psychotherapy
Memories, repressed
Menopause, early
MFT license
Milgram, Stanley
Mindfulness meditation
Mood Disorders
Mood Disorders, possible medical causes
Morgellons disease
Mourning (bereavement)
Multiple Personalities
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

“Negative” hypnosis
Negative Reinforcement
Negative thoughts, changing
Negative transference
Neutrality, therapeutic
Nightmares, childhood
Nightmares, following trauma
Nonpathological dissociation

Object Relations theory
Obsessions, defined
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
OCD and suppressed fantasies of revenge
Office location
Office Policies / Treatment Consent Form
Open-ended questions
Operant conditioning
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Other Applications of Psychology
Other, the, in Lacan’s philosophy of psychoanalysis

Pain Management
Pain medication issues
Panic attack
Paranoid Personality Disorder
Parasympathetic Nervous System
Passive-aggressive personality
Pastoral counseling
Pathological Gambling
Pathological lying
Positive Reinforcement
Peace of mind
Peace, social
Pecking Order
Peer pressure
Performance Enhancement
Personality changes, possible medical causes
Personality Disorders
Personality, the illusion of
PhD degree in Clinical Psychology
Phobias, described
Phobias, self-treatment
Physical affection, in families
Politics and psychology
Positive Reinforcement
Postpartum depression
Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD)
Premature forgiveness
Pride, and anger
Pride, and identity
Privacy Policy of this website
Privilege (confidentiality)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
Projection (defense mechanism)
Projective Identification (defense mechanism)
Psychiatrist, defined
Psychic premonitions in dreams
Psychoanalysis, defined
Psychoanalysis, description of treatment
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Psychological “death”
Psychological Assessment / Testing
Psychological Assistant
Psychological change, the basis for
Psychological treatment, types of
Psychologist, defined
Psychologist, licensure
Psychology and Psychiatry, differences
Psychology and Religion
Psychology: Clinical and Counseling
Psychology, various fields of
Psychotherapy and Counseling
Psychotherapy, distinguished from Counseling, an example
Psychotherapy, defined
Psychotherapy, fear of
Psychotherapy notes
Psychotherapy, questions and answers about
Psychotherapy, terminating
Psychotherapy, theoretical approaches
PsyD degree
PTSD, defined
PTSD, symptoms and coping
Publications, Dr. Richmond
Punishment, parental
Pyromania (fire setting)

Questions and Answers about Psychotherapy

Rape as revictimization
Rationalization (defense mechanism)
Reaction Formation (defense mechanism)
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Reciprocal Inhibition
Reconciliation distinguished from Forgiveness
Records, treatment (your “chart”)
Reinforcement, behavioral: positive reinforcement distinguished from negative reinforcement
Relationship, therapeutic
Relaxation techniques, described
Relaxation training: self-taught Autogenics
Relaxation training: self-taught Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Religion, and psychology
REM sleep and dreaming
Repressed Memories
Research in psychology
Resistance, clinical
Revenge, and anger
Risk-taking behavior
Risk-taking behavior, in adolescence
Ritual abuse of children
Romantic/sexual attraction between therapist and client
Rorschach test

Schizophrenia, distinguished from DID
School Violence
SEARCH this website
Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Self-image, illusory
Self-mutilation in Borderline Personality Disorder
Self-sabotage and anger
Self-sabotage and despair
Self-sabotage, unconscious
Sensitive persons
Services, length of
Services, payment for
Services, risk involved
Sexual abuse, child, repressed memories of
Sexual abuse by clergy
Sexual abuse, defined
Sexual contact with a psychotherapist
Sexual Dysfunction, possible medical causes
Sexual fantasies
Sexual images in dreams
Sexuality and love
Shame, and anger
Shame, and depression
Side-effects of medications
Silence in psychoanalytic treatment
Skinner, B. F.
Sleep Disorders, possible medical causes
Sleep terror
Smoking cessation, self-help
Social Psychology
Social Work: MSW degree and LCSW license
Somatization Disorder
Sorrow, compared to blame
Special: feeling that you are special in psychotherapy
Spiritual Healing
Spiritual issues in psychological treatment
Spirituality and psychology
Splitting (defense mechanism)
Sponsor (as in “This website does not have a sponsor.”)
State Board of Psychology, in any state of US
Stem-cell research, embryonic, social and psychological trauma of
Stockholm Syndrome
Stress: explanations and coping
Stress, posttraumatic
Stress: relaxation training, self-taught
Substance abuse/dependence
Suicide and child abuse
Suicide, discussing fantasies of, in psychotherapy
Suicide, psychological reasons
Support groups for abortion trauma, aviation disasters, child abuse, dissociation, and general trauma
Sympathetic Nervous System
Symptom, defined
Systematic Desensitization, defined
Systematic Desensitization, self-taught

Tales from the Psych Ward
Tarasoff “duty to warn”
TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)
Termination of psychotherapy
Terrorism and psychology
Testing, psychological
Thanatos: the “death instinct”
Theoretical approaches to psychotherapy
Therapeutic distance/neutrality
Therapeutic relationship / therapeutic alliance
Thoughts, negative, changing
“Time Out” and disciplining children
Tooth, loss of, and anxiety
Trance and hypnosis
Transference, clinical
Transvestic Fetishism
Trauma, defined
Trauma, and identity
Trauma: treatments and coping strategies
Traumatic nightmares
Traveller’s Thrombosis, and fear of flying
Treatment length
Treatment records
Treatment records, after termination
Trichotillomania (hair pulling)
Trust in psychotherapy
“Truth” and legal issues
“Truth” in Psychotherapy
Turbulence, aircraft
Types of psychological treatment

Unconscious, the
Unconscious blocks to forgiveness
Unconscious self-sabotage
“Understanding” preferable to “Knowledge”
Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder
Undoing (defense mechanism)
Unfairness of the world

Valsava maneuver for middle ear block
Veil of deception
Vibroacoustic Disease
Victim anger / victim mentality
Victim mentality and spiritual healing
Violence, adolescent
Violence, and anger
Violence, domestic and family
Violent entertainment
Vitamins for psychiatric symptoms

Want distinguished from desire
Water intoxication
What does a Clinical Psychologist do?
What is psychology?
What’s new on this website?
Who made this website?
Wit, defined
Withdrawal, substance-related
Witmer, Lightner
Workplace issues: I/O Psychology
Writer’s block





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