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IT HAS been said, as a joke, that men understand only three emotions: lust, rage, and triumph. Being a man, and having known myself quite well before I began to study psychology, I would say that the joke is not far from the truth. Anyway, for those persons who have difficulty identifying their feelings, here is a list of emotions categorized by the most well-known emotions:


abandoned, agitated, alarmed, anxious, apprehensive, bothered, cautious, concerned, desperate, distraught, disturbed, edgy, fearful, frightened, hesitant, horrified, hysterical, jumpy, nervous, panicked, perturbed, petrified, scared, shocked, threatened, terrified, timid, uneasy, unnerved, worried


affirmative, amazed, ambitious, bright, brave, buoyant, calm, certain, cheerful, converted, convinced, courageous, definite, determined, empowered, encouraged, enthusiastic, exhilarated, helpful, hopeful, independent, loyal, optimistic, persuaded, positive, proud, respectful, sanguine, secure, sure, strong, triumphant, trusting, upbeat


arbitrary, bewildered, bored, capricious, cautious, changeable, confused, cynical, despairing, disbelieving, distant, distrustful, dithering, dubious, hesitant, erratic, evasive, fickle, impulsive, inconsistent, indecisive, indifferent, insecure, irresolute, powerless, preoccupied, puzzled, shy, skeptical, suspicious, timid, torn, uncertain, unconvinced, undetermined, uninformed, unpredictable, unreliable, unsure, vascillating, variable, volatile, wavering, weak


blissful, calm, carefree, cheerful, comfortable, complacent, contented, delighted, ecstatic, elated, enthusiastic, exalted, excited, exultant, fantastic, festive, glad, grateful, inspired, joyful, joyous, jubilant, lighthearted, optimistic, peaceful, playful, pleased, pleasant, relaxed, relieved, satisfied, serene, tranquil, thrilled


abandoned, broken, crushed, damaged, disappointed, disillusioned, disregarded, harmed, heartbroken, helpless, impaired, injured, marred, messed up, misunderstood, offended, rejected, shocked, spoiled, tarnished, unnoticed, unwanted, wounded


absorbed, amazed, ambitious, attracted, awed, captivated, concerned, curious, eager, earnest, enchanted, engaged, engrossed, enraptured, enthralled, enthusiastic, excited, fascinated, gripped, held, immersed, involved, inquisitive, intent, intrigued, mesmerized, obsessed, pitying, preoccupied, rapt, spellbound, sympathetic, wrapped up


aggravated, annoyed, bothered, cross, displeased, distressed, exasperated, frustrated, goaded, grumpy, impatient, offended, overwrought, peeved, provoked, shaky, strained, tense, troubled, uncomfortable, upset, vexed


accepting, admiring, adoring, affectionate, amorous, awed, caring, close, compassionate, considerate, delicate, devoted, doting, fond, friendly, humble, kind, open, passionate, pitying, sharing, tender, understanding, warm


bleak, cheerless, defeated, depressed, despairing, disappointed, discouraged, disheartened, dismal, dour, dreary, dull, gloomy, grieving, grim, heartbroken, helpless, hopeless, lonely, low, melancholic, miserable, moody, murky, ominous, pessimistic, poignant, regretful, remorseful, somber, sorrowful, sulky, uninviting


affronted, ashamed, besmirched, corrupted, disgraced, debased, degraded, defiled, desecrated, despoiled, dirtied, dishonored, embarrassed, fouled, helpless, humiliated, mortified, offended, regretful, remorseful, ruined, shown up, soiled, spoiled, stupid, sullied, tainted, tarnished, ugly, violated


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