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About Me

Gratitude is joy to the heart!


THIS WEBSITE is dedicated to healing. Through this work I have made my knowledge and experience available to all, and for the sake of truth I do not accept monetary support from sponsors or advertising.

Therefore, if this website has helped you in your personal psychological growth, it is fitting that you make an offering of gratitude for what you have received here.

Any offering is a gift of understanding—and a down-payment on the success of your hopes.


Please note that donations made to me through this website are not tax-deductible because I am not a tax-exempt organization. Payments for services, however, may qualify as medical expenses.
If you are unsure, consult an accountant.

In respect for your privacy, I will not contact you through the e-mail address you use with PayPal or Square, but if you send comments through the Communications page, I will acknowledge your donation through the e-mail address you use in sending your comments.
Furthermore, I will not sell your contact information to a mailing list, nor will I use your contact information to ask you for additional donations in the future; it offends me when companies do those things to me, so I refuse to disrespect the privacy of those who contact me.



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About Me

I am just one man with no office staff. I have done everything on this website—the writing, the design, and the programming—without a sponsor. No one pays me for the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars of labor I have put, and continue to put, into this website.

In all of this, I refuse to obscure the truth with greed and advertising.

My motive is healing, and everything on this website has been made available to all in the hope that integrity might flourish.

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Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.
1592 Union Street # 83
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