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Anger and Forgiveness

Compiled from several pages on this website and attractively organized into the convenient format of a paperback book.

Most of us carry more anger in our hearts than we are capable of admitting even to ourselves. As a result, we often feel stuck in lives of unfulfilled potential, unending resentments, and physical illness. In this book, Dr. Richmond explains the deep psychological implications of anger and forgiveness and shows how to turn the emotional wounds of daily life into psychological growth.

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Psychology from the Heart
The Spiritual Depth of Clinical Psychology

A collection of texts from the writings of Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

Psychology has too often been preoccupied with the pursuit of happiness, and it has missed the point about helping individuals understand life and find a personally meaningful—and practical—sense of direction. Psychology itself cannot offer any meaning to life, but it can help individuals disentangle themselves from the snare of illusory social identifications that keep us trapped in spiritual blindness and pull us backwards into self-destruction.

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Disasters and Trauma 2E
The Psychological and Spiritual Battle Against Evil

Compiled from several pages on this website and attractively organized into the convenient format of a paperback book.

Terrorism, social violence, and man-made and natural disasters are overwhelming our societies, and neither our governments nor our mental health systems really understand what is looming in front of us. This book addresses the psychological and spiritual components of trauma and evil that are critical to coping with unexpected and shocking reality.

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A Guide to Psychology and its Practice



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